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I have basically been born into adventuring – the first 10 years of my life growing up on the road in a van; one month each year on a Western-Camp; camping on Goa-Parties almost every weekend; riding an elephant in Thailand when I was 2 years old; you get the idea… But I only finally embarked on my own trip of freedom in May 2015: I felt that I had to leave the routine, my job and my apartment;  so I just did. With no more than 50€ in my pocket I started from Germany through the south of France, where I experienced and learned how to live completely free of money from the most tanned and bearded polish guy I’ve ever met. And then that’s what I did for 4 months through 4 countries, experiencing an abundance of crazy-weird adventures! After having hitchhiked across Europe and starting to make money playing street-music, the adventures just wouldn’t stop. And when the first huge love of my life found me by the end of 2015 – it was only just starting to get awesome!

6 months of pure love, laughter and adventures followed, and were undoubtedly the best time of both Sabrina’s life as well as mine. Any words I could try and use here wouldn’t even begin to describe the extent of love and happiness we both blessed each other with.
I will fill a whole book with stories of our adventuring.life together tho.

Just when the sunshine in my life has never been shining brighter and I felt tremendously on fire with love night and day, our lives were suddenly ripped apart in such a cruel way only Life itself could come up with.
And that she did.

And ever since this drunk bastard has destroyed so many lives at once, I’ve been trying to deal with losing the woman I was about to marry, build a house and buy a boat with. Let alone having to regain my ability to simply walk again on those two shattered legs of mine and so many more broken bones in my body.
Oh and literally everything I owned in this life (my backpack that is) disappeared during the accident as well, but that only as a side-note.

And because Life really is a sarcastic and twisted bitch, all of this actually happened in Phoenix, Arizona, just as I was burning flying higher than ever before in my life.
So now I am rising anew from my ashes to soar onwards on fiery wings to victory and beyond. Just as my best man and I already visualized some years ago in this awesome music video on fire:

And only through knowing that by writing about my adventures and experiences I will teach hundreds if not thousands of people that it’s incredibly important – and not even as complicated as everybody thinks – to go out there and live, to go and chase down those dreams of yours, to do whatever you want to, can I draw the power that is necessary to keep on fighting, keep on rising from my scorched pile of ashes and channel all this pain I’m going through into something that is helping others to be happy.

Because that’s what Life is all about;
finding happiness and helping others.

So spread the word to help me help others!

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