Upgrade thyself #Challenge I

Ever since I first encountered the topic of Self-Development I fell in love with it and have been implementing it into my life.
‘Tis definitely the best change I’ve ever made for myself: Working on my character. Without trying every day to be a better version of myself than I was the day before, I wouldn’t even see any reason to keep livin’ anymore, or at least it’d be extremely monotonous and therefore boring.
Making mistakes and being wrong about stuff in life is just normal. It’s human. It’s life. But even cats, dogs and most animals tend to learn from their mistakes and adjust their actions according to the feedback they receive every time this specific action is executed. And if you don’t better yourself, if you don’t try to ‘step up yo game’ then you’ll forever be caught in a loop of failure, making the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe not with everything you do, but this specific one example you have in mind right now will forever give you a bad feeling when you “try” instead of “do” and don’t actively learn from it.
I mean, “we make mistakes to learn from them” and all those deep and motivational statements on hipstery pictures on the internet are right! But only if you actually implement’em into your life instead of just agreeing with’em and clicking Like. That won’t help anyone, trust me.
So it should be everyone’s upmost priority in life to not just repeat our mistakes, but to fail better every time, learn something and actually implement what we learned into our character.

And because it’s true that LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE (#cliche), a so-called #Challenge oftentimes is the necessary butt-kick we need in order to finally realize (see) what we need to real-ize (implement) to be better at and have a higher quality of living.
It doesn’t make you better than others or anything, but just more efficient at life and more enjoyable to be around.
Think about it; it’s the single most valuable skill anyone can have – knowing how to effortlessly flow through life without hitting every bump on the way, so you can actually focus on what’s important to you; Creating Art, caring for your loved ones, building your business, or just enjoying life without having to face so much negativity that we usually subconsciously create ourselves anyway.

cause no one else is gonna do it for you, darling 😉

And it ain’t even that hard either; It’s basically what every child of every species on earth is constantly doing while growing up. But most of us humans stopped putting the necessary amount of attention into this matter at some point in our lives, because we “got so busy paying bills” and just plain focusing on the wrong stuff. Same as you, we all did and still do this. But once you become aware of this wrong distribution of your attention, you can take the reins and steer your life into your desired direction of victory!





and putting so much (negative) energy into doing it.

Sounds quite simple and that it is.
Us humans complain about so much unnecessary stuff on a daily basis, most of which we couldn’t even change if we intended to:
“Ah the weather sucks today!! :(”
“Why is this fuckin’ bus delayed again?!”
“I’m cooold, fuck winter!”
“I dropped my goddamn phone a week ago and now it’s broken!!” (it’s my own fault and I already told 48372 people but I’m still butthurt and have to complain!)

Maybe you found yourself in one or two of those.
These are just some trivial everyday examples but I’m 100% sure your non-stop-chattering mind comes up with dozens more creative ways to complain every single day, none of which actually HELP you in any way, but rather scatter even more negativity amongst your friends -the people you complain to- and ricochets that negativity right back into your life because you planted those exact seeds for it.

I’m very happy this thought process has already been presented to and implemented by me back in high school.
Not just after, but even while I was taking this challenge, I felt how the quality of many areas of my life improved drastically.
Just by simply cutting out a lot of unnecessary negativity from the language I used every day and by stopping to complain about things I couldn’t even change anyways.

Stop complaining & Stop worrying;
Both of those self-sabotaging habits are basically just praying for the bad;
unnecessary negative energy.
So just don’t. It’s that simple.
And you don’t even have to try to force it or be angry with yourself when you catch yourself still complaining.
It’s rather about drawing your attention towards this matter and step by step adjusting your mindset to stop unnecessary complaining.
Appreciate every single time you notice yourself doing it and be thankful for having the knowledge, ability and discipline to better yourself.
Because where we put our attention in life, is where we shall succeed.
And I promise:
You’ll thank yourself later.

Happy Mindhacking,



PS: Start of today I am taking this challenge together with you guys to start focusing my attention toward the right matters.
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