Oops I did it again

Last time I created a homepage/blog was from France in my first weeks of traveling and in German only. This time I will use this space to collectively present the art I’m creating along the way on my travels. There will be lots to come I can tell y’all!
It is also one of my main objectives right now to reach as many people as possible and to keep them posted until I can finally publish the book I’m working on. Because it is definitely the number 1 thing I still have to do in life; writing this book!
And it is one of my heart’s dearest desires to reach lots of people with my stories and messages as to inspire them to simply be happy by building the kinda life they can enjoy living.
As did I when I decided to start traveling more than 2 years ago instead of keeping on working my life away for someone else’s profit. And neither should you!
So spread the word and help me make this world a better place! 🙂