I have always seen myself as a writer and found joy in combining words to form sentences to create meaning and possibly some sort of reality, no matter the language. Because the alphabet combined correctly can do wondrous things to human beings.
Since I can think, I’ve always known that one day I will write at least one book. And this exactly is my main quest, objective and mission in this life at the moment.
So this here page is dedicated to giving you guys some insight into my art and work:


While I was on my first adventure since the accident; in Morocco on Christmas 2016, my resiliance was once again tested to the point of almost-breaking. But as Life taught me on my travels numerous times:
Be defiant – Be victorious!
And so I was rewarded by going from “getting kicked out of the hostel for no reason” to “working for the hostel + staying & eating for free” in the snap of a finger and justice was done at last.
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